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4 Things From The Cowboys Final Preseason Game

The 8 game preseason losing streak has officially come to an end. The Dallas Cowboys finished their final preseason game at home with a victory over the Houston Texans. No starters play in the fourth preseason game, so this game would be dominated by guys who are on the “bubble” I’m going to list 4things that stood out to me in last night’s game.

1. Corey White is a good replacement for the injured Orlando Scandrick
Pro Football Focus had White ranked as the second best corner in the preseason. White had 4 pass breakups, 0 TDs allowed and a pick six. White last season played on a terrible Saints defense, but now he’s on a team that can get consistent pressure from the front four. Scandrick is injured and White has proven that he deserves to play the slot. If White plays anything close to what we’ve seen in the preseason, then we’re in good hands.

2. Davon Coleman is working hard to make the roster
In last night’s game, Coleman finished with 3 tackles and one for loss. His numbers don’t flash on paper, but he got a good amount of pressure on Texans QB, Tom Savage. Coleman’s most notable play was a tackle on Savage which resulted in a severe shoulder sprain for Savage. I saw a lot of effort from Coleman this preseason. If Coleman goes all in and really cares about football, he has the potential to be a good defensive tackle beside Tyrone Crawford.

3. Lucky Whitehead should be on the 53 man roster
Lucky Whitehead was the camp darling for the Cowboys. Jerry and Stephen Jones all mentioned Lucky by name and they talked about how much they liked him. Lucky Whitehead did have a fumble against the Chargers earlier in the preseason, but other than that, he’s played well. Lucky caught a touchdown against the Vikings and he got a few good returns vs. the Texans. Lucky was also blocking for Gus Johnson and Ben Malena last night in the run game. If Lucky can be a reliable returner and block in the run game like Dwayne Harris did, he should be on the 53.

4. Gavin Escobar is trying to prove he isn’t a bust.
Last night, Escobar was targeted 2 times and he caught both passes. The one that stood out most was his catch and run on third down to get to the marker. He caught the ball and juked out a Texans and fought for the first down. Escobar was a second round pick and I’m glad to see him prove people wrong. Hopefully as the season begins, Escobar begins to do that against starting NFL talent.

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