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Letter from Children’s Medical Center

Dallas Cowboys fans came together, raising money for Children’s Medical Center in Plano, TX. With the help of Cowboys Defensive End, Greg Hardy, fans raised a total of $2.7K for the hospital.

The donation was made “on behalf of DCBlueStar and Cowboys fans everywhere.”

Below is a letter they sent regarding the gift.

Thank you for sharing your creative fundraising ideas to help our young patients. – Cyndi Bassel

So why Children’s Medical, you ask? We wanted to donate to an organization that would not only benefit from the donations, but that would tie into the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have had a relationship with the hospital for some time. Each holiday season, the players pay a special visit to the children bearing gifts. Often times, the Cowboys players engage in playing games of Madden with the children.

We received donations from 41 states and 4 countries.  Way to go, Cowboys Nation!

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