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Cowboys Fans Raise $2.7K for Charity

It all started when Eagles fans decided to punk Dallas Cowboys fans by raising money to fly a banner that read “WE GOT DEMARCO! – Eagles Fans” over Cowboys training camp in Oxnard.

Cowboys fan DCBlueStar quickly photoshopped a rebuttal fundraiser page as a joke, showing Cowboys fans raising money for a banner that read “WE GOT THE DIVISION!”

Soon after sharing the photoshopped image on her Twitter and Facebook pages, requests came pouring in for a donation page where Cowboys fans could contribute to get the banner up in the air. After so many requests, DCBlueStar contacted a banner towing company in Philadelphia for a quote, and it was on from there.

Cowboys fans quickly surpassed the Eagles’ fundraiser goal of $1.8K within four hours, though the Eagles fans’ fundraiser had started nearly seven hours earlier. From the beginning, the Cowboys fans’ GoFundMe page read that any monies raised over the $1,350 goal would go to Children’s Medical Fund.

When the Cowboys fans’ fundraiser page was about $40 from it’s goal, @CowboysNation tweeted a link to Greg Hardy asking for help to spread the word, but quickly found out Hardy had more help in mind. The Pro Bowl Defensive End tweeted back “that should do it” with a screenshot showing that he had contributed $300 to the fund.

By the end of the fundraiser, Cowboys fans had raised $1.2K for the banner to fly over Lincoln Financial Field – which it did successfully – as well as $2.7K for Children’s Medical Center in Plano, TX.

When studies show we are the best fans in the NFL, we make sure to back it up. Will this be a one time thing, or could we see an annual event take place in the future? Time will tell.

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