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Next Man Up

The Dallas Cowboys suffered a loss to a key piece of their defense to not only a torn ACL, but a torn MCL.

Dallas Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick went to the ground when trying to make a play on a pass play that Romo Threw to WR Lucky White.

Orlando Scandrick landed awkwardly on his knee after making a play for the ball, and Lucky Whitehead landing on his knee didn’t make things better.

Immediately after going to the ground Scandrick already knew it was his ACL, after telling his position coach Jerome Henderson “It’s my ACL. I know it. It’s gone”.

Now the question is…. Who’s the next man up? Clearly this team has depth at the CB position with new additions such as Corey White – the free agent addition to this team – and rookie Byron Jones CB from University Of Connecticut.

Veterans Tyler Patmon and Morris Claiborne round out the depth behind Brandon Carr.

It’s clear Scandrick is a vital piece to the Dallas Cowboys defense. When DB coach Jerome Henderson was asked about who was next in line, he responded “That’ll be Tyler Patmon. He’s done a good job for us. And, like O, has those unique awareness instincts inside – that he feels the game, that he sees the game from a different perspective”.

Patmon has had such an amazing off season and training camp. Gaining the coaches trust, Patmon will be seeing alot of playing time from now on.

Expect Byron Jones to make a competition for playing time out of this opportunity. With his amazing athleticism and finesse he should be able to see a lot of opportunities in this defense.

With a minor injury, Jones should be able to come back once fully healed. The big question is, can Morris Claiborne live up his expectations as the former #6 pick of the draft, and stay healthy?

If so, his impact could be immediate. As of now, only time will tell. Scandrick’s injury has created opportunities for this young group of cowners.

With better Defensive Linemen, these DB’s should be able to contribute and hold their own. Soon we will see who the next man up will be, and who will be able to hold things down for Scandrick.

About Sammy Urias

Sammy Urias, born and raised in the big state of Texas. From a small city called El Paso, next to the border of Mexico. Sammy was born in 1992, the same year The 90's Dallas Cowboys became a dynasty. Natural born as a Cowboy fan, Sammy wants to bring in the latest news to Cowboys Nation.
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