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Ashley Hill


A long time fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Ashley is dedicated even from afar. Currently residing in Florida, Ashley has been a fan of the team for as long as she can remember. She began her website, Facebook and Twitter accounts back in 2010 when her brother, London, was diagnosed with a life threatening rare genetic disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She set out to fulfill a Make a Wish type dream for her brother to form a relationship with some of the Cowboys players. Since then, her accounts have taken off in a direction of their own as fans began to follow her for her graphic edits of the Cowboys players and has grown into fans looking to her accounts for the latest, up-to-date news about the Cowboys.

Patrick Conn


Patrick is a football enthusiast most known for his draft and game day vines on Twitter. He has been featured on ESPN Radio, SI.com and Yahoo Sports. Patrick previously owned his own Cowboys website, and since has decided to join Blue Star Squad to contribute content for other Cowboys fans. Additionally, you can find some of Patrick's work on RSEN.

Jordan Gill


Jordan is currently a journalism student living in Canada. Jordan has a love for sports of all kinds, but his main passion NFL Football. His aspirations currently include moving down south, and covering football.

Jason Clark


Much like Ashley, Jason is a dedicated fan from afar. Being born into a family of Cowboys fans, Jason's fandom came naturally. Jason currently resides in North Carolina, and in January, will begin school at a North Carolina university majoring in Broadcasting. Jason has an affection for College Basketball and Professional Wrestling, however football will always be his favorite. He previously ran his own Cowboys blog, which began in September of 2014. Since joining Blue Star Squad, he plans to share his work here.

Luis Miramontes


Luis is currently a college student in El Paso, Texas. Much like Ashley, he has followed the team since a very young age. Luis enjoys all sports but has a passion for football. He enjoys talking with other fans about the Cowboys and has since decided to join Blue Star Squad to continue sharing his thoughts here.

Sammy Urias


Football became not only a passion, but a lifestyle for Sammy after playing football in middle school and high school. Around 2005, the year DeMarcus Ware was drafted, he began to really take notice of the Cowboys from the inside stories on dallascowboys.com. With each article, he began looking deeper into the team and listening to their daily radio shows. He became eager for all things Cowboys and learning about the draft, though only in middle school. Sammy's interest piqued when it came to the combine and the process of how college players were scouted. Ever since, Sammy has kept up with the draft and studying college players, discovering a passion for scouting. Sammy is new to the writing scene, and has been eager to be a journalist. Blue Star Squad gives him the platform to hone his skills while bringing Cowboys content to the fans.

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