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Quick Thoughts: Preseason Week 4

The streak has been snapped! The Cowboys won their final preseason game 21-14 over the Houston Texans. It still doesn’t mean a whole lot but it was nice to see the team pick up a victory as they head into the regular season.

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Checking in on Collins, Gregory and Jones

The Dallas Cowboys received quite the buzz earlier in the year when they landed three first round talents from the rookie draft class. Will they be worthy of such buzz once the season begins?

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4 Things We Should Look For vs Minnesota

Today, the Dallas Cowboys face the Minnesota Vikings in their 3rd preseason game. This team entered Training Camp with a lot of questions and some of them still remain unanswered. The 3rd preseason game is the best depiction of what your team will look like come regular season. There are a few player that we should be looking at during the game.

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant:
The 3rd preseason game is the dress rehearsal for the Cowboys. Tony Romo should be in for at least one whole quarter, so I expect him to feed his monster at Wide Receiver. We all know that Tony to Dez is a connection that is unmatched in the NFL, but I added them to my list for one specific reason. The NFL pushed back the extra point yardage, but still allows you to go for a 2 point conversion from the 2 yard line. I want to see if the Cowboys go for the 2 point conversion with weapons like WR Dez Bryant and TE Gavin “Pablo” Escobar. I say that because we have 2 big outdoor games in Green Bay and Buffalo in December, so it could be windy. It’ll be good to see Dez, Romo and the entire Offensive Line all together again.

Sean Lee
Sean Lee hasn’t played in an NFL game since December 9th, 2013. Lee suffered a neck injury against the Chicago Bears on December 9th and then on May 27th, 2014, Lee tore his ACL on the first day of OTA’s. Marinelli moved Lee over to Weakside Linebacker to help Lee avoid injuries. Guys like Derrick Brooks and Lance Briggs have played that spot in the Marinelli defense and have had success. Lee hopes that he can be the next guy on that list. Sean has to get out there to play this new position and I think this game will be when it happens. Expect to see 50 around the ball anytime there’s a run or a pass over the middle.

Tyler Patmon in the Slot:

This one is huge because Patmon is the starting slot corner because Orlando Scandrick tore his ACL. Scandrick was the Cowboys best cornerback and maybe the best slot corner in the NFL. It’ll be a challenge to fill Scandrick’s shoes, but Patmon will definitely try. Patmon does bring fire and passion to the defense, much like Scandrick. If he can have Scandrick’s skill level, then we’ll be in good hands. Today, we’ll see if Tyler Patmon is the real deal and if he’s a feasible replacement for Orlando Scandrick or a fluke.

Darren McFadden vs Joseph Randle
This game against the Minnesota Vikings will be the day we determine the starting running back. Somebody will flourish behind this offensive line and I think it’ll be Joseph Randle. There is no concrete option at running back right now, but a big game from Randle or McFadden could land them the starting job. They’ve both been banged up and have played very sporadically in the preseason, but today, there should be no excuses. Jason Garrett and running backs coach Gary Brown should come out of this game feeling confident and 100% sure they have their running back.


Those are just 4 things that we all should be looking for during the dress rehearsal vs the Vikings. We all hope for a Cowboys win, but remember guys, the score and final decision do not mean anything either way. Just enjoy some football and watch our Boys’ continue to get better each day.


Shaky at Backup QB

The Dallas Cowboys played their final preseason game on the West Coast last night. The West Coast hasn’t been particularly nice to the Cowboys in the preseason in these last couple of years.

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